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2019-06-06 Press Information

Sense, connect, detect: The new sensor component for the factory of the future

Sensors are the sensory organs of the Factory of the Future, the data that they collect are the raw material for continuous process improvement and equipment effectiveness. But how can data be collected for the many upcoming IoT projects at a reasonable cost? For example, with the SCD sensor (Sense Connect Detect), in the development of which Bosch's expertise in sensor production and Bosch Rexroth's automation experience have been incorporated. The SCD can be easily attached to the desired component and records, visualizes and stores data quickly and without programming effort.

2019-06-03 Press Information

Eight-fold increase in service life with full power

With dynamic load capacities of up to 544 kN, the long-lasting PLSA Planetary Screw Assemblies from Rexroth transmit high forces particularly quickly. The product family with finely graduated spindle diameters of 20 to 75 mm covers a broad power spectrum in the top performance range and with speeds of up to 50 m/min. Equipped with a new system of pre-tensioned Single Nuts – cylindrical and with a flange – they achieve load ratings which are twice as high as for conventional pre-tensioning systems available on the market. As a result, the nominal life of the PLSA is eight times longer. PLSA are also at the heart of the EMC-HD Heavy Duty Electromechanical Cylinders.

2019-05-16 Press Information

Knuffingen Airport: A million flights and not one delay

Last month, Knuffingen Airport celebrated one million flights. The replica aircraft are accurate down to the tiniest detail and look almost real when taking off and landing. Bosch Rexroth’s highly reliable Linear Motion and Assembly Technology plays a key role in ensuring that the ambitious project operates smoothly. Miniatur Wunderland is home to the world’s biggest model railway and is located in the historical Speicherstadt of Hamburg.

2019-05-07 Press Information

Scalable automation solutions for greater flexibility in battery production

From dry room-compliant components and automation modules and systems to quality assurance and open interfaces to the Internet of Things: Rexroth offers scalable automation solutions for the entire value creation process in battery production. Even when designing prototype and small-batch ranges, the company ensures that its systems are expandable in order to make it easier for manufacturers to achieve economic mass production.

2019-04-16 Press Information

Bosch Rexroth reports strong sales growth in fiscal 2018

In 2018, Bosch Rexroth generated a turnover of around €6.2 billion. This means the drive and control technology provider posted a 12.4% increase year-over-year. Adjusted for currency effects, growth was 13%. At the end of 2018, incoming orders amounted to €6.7 billion – a 3.8% increase over the positive previous business year.

2019-04-11 Press Information

Cast off for the journey into the future of industrial communication

Real-time wireless communication, full connectivity and interoperability from the field level to the cloud: these are all prerequisites for realizing the factory of the future. In order to actually make use of what is technically possible, all automation providers have to agree on an open standard from the field level to IoT communication. There has been great progress here: The Field Level Communication (FLC) initiative of the OPC Foundation for full interoperability of field devices is gaining momentum.

2019-04-10 Press Information

Bosch Rexroth develops and tests new features supporting autonomous docking of offshore access systems

Laser systems, cameras and motion reference units: Bosch Rexroth is developing and testing new features that will make future offshore access systems and other applications safer and more efficient.

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