Industry 4.0 Smart Factory Technology

As a leading manufacturer of future-proofed and individually configurable products and solutions, we are driving the next industrial revolution and the implementation of Industry 4.0 today. We offer the entire range of intelligent drives and control units and complete system solutions - all with full IT integration. Bosch Rexroth solutions make production processes more efficient and flexible with reduced complexity and significantly shorter downtimes – and not just in the future but now!

Open Core Engineering

WebConnector - Universal translator for the loT

Rexroth ActiveCockpit

Rexroth ActiveAssist

ActiveAssist brings together people, equipment and processing through decentralized intelligence.

IndraMotion MLC

IndraMotion MTX CNC system

LMS Linear Motion System

IndraControl XM embedded control hardware

IndraControl L embedded control hardware

IndraControl FM control hardware

The IndraControl FM control combines machine PLCs, I/O and the Open Core Interface for Industry 4.0-enabled applications, and is specifically designed for cabinet-free automation concepts.

IndraDrive servo drives

IndraDrive Mi cabinet-free drive technology

IndraDyn S synchronous servo motors MS2N

CytroPac Hydraulic Small Power Unit


IMS-A Integrated Measuring System

Nexo wireless-enabled cordless nutrunner

PRC7300 Mid-frequency Welding Control

ODiN - Predictive Maintenance

mMS4.0 Modular mechatronic training system


HMC Hydraulic Motion Control