Trends and Topics

Safety Technology
Training Description Duration in days
EST-SLC EST-SLC - Project planning of the SafeLogic compact safety control 3
EST-SL SafeLogic – Commissioning and project planning 3
DC-MRL-RB Machinery directive and risk assessment 2
DC-FSi-FT DC-FSi-FT@ - Safe fluid technology - Safe implementation of EN ISO 13849 3
Energy Efficiency
Training Description Duration in days
e4EE Basic knowledge of energy efficiency (eLearning / guest account) -
e4EE Sytronix Energy efficiency of Variable-Speed Pump Drives (eLearning / guest account) -
DC-EE@Skype DC-EE@Skype - 4EE-Online energy efficiency training – Machines, systems, facilities (MAE) and infrastructure (FCM) 0,5
EH-SYT_SvP_I Sytronix SvP - Diagnostics and servicing 3
EH-SYT_FcP_IN SySytronix FcP - Parameterization and commissioning 2
Training Description Duration in days
DC-AS Automation Studio™ Fluid Power Training 3