Training centers in Germany, Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland.

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Please contact your local Rexroth partner.

Bosch Rexroth offers a large number of training centers in more than 20 various locations for courses and practical trainings (status 03/2015). We will provide you with all the details you need in order to get optimal and efficient training like addresses of centers, contact details and accommodations.

Work with knowledgeable instructors in settings utilizing sample projects and exercises that emphasize real-world, practical applications. Training programs are flexible to address your requirements, and incorporate best practices from our years of providing the highest-quality training. One of the major reasons for this is the excellent practical relevance and up to the minute nature of the training courses, which benefit from Rexroth specialists' vast production know-how and field experience.

On this page you will find a list of all our training locations available for you.

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By clicking on the city names in the map you will be redirected to a site containing the following information about the specific location:

  • Address
  • Hotels
  • Offered trainings
  • Other useful information

Can't travel? Our courses are also available in eLearning and eTraining formats online. Bosch Rexroth can also organize training courses at your location. Please contact your local Rexroth partner .