Industrial hydraulics training courses

Training courses for hydraulic systems, safety technology and project planning

Rexroth offers a wide area of industrial hydraulics training courses. This page contains details of all the training courses available now from Rexroth for Industrial hydraulics applications. A wide variety of exercises, along with component and sets, are available for all kinds of practical hydraulics applications – e.g. for on-off hydraulics, proportional technology and control engineering.

Basic Training
Training Description Duration in days
HTG HTG - Basic knowledge of hydraulics 4
eHTG Basic Knowledge of Hydraulics (eLearning) -
Practice with Error Analysis
Training Description Duration in days
EHG EHG - Electrical engineering for hydraulic engineers 4
HTP-PC HTP-PC - Modern electronics systems and digital controllers for axial piston pumps 2
HTP-2 HTP-2 - Continuous control valve technology 5
HTP-HAs HTP-HAs - Hägglunds Drive systems 2
HTP-EV HTP-EV - 2 Way cartridge valve technology – Logic elements with practical exercises 4
Special Topics
Training Description Duration in days
HTP-IAC-HMC1 HTP-IAC-HMC1 - Best-in-class hydraulic controller VT-HMC/IAC Multi-Ethernet 3
HTP-MLC HTP-MLC - IndraMotion MLC for hydraulic drives 5
HTP-PRO HTP-PRO - Project planning and programming
for VT-HMC and IndraMotion MLC
HTP-HMC2 HTP-HMC2 - Motion Control for hydraulics – Programming the VT-HMC Motion Controller 2
Safety Technology
Training Description Duration in days
DC-MRL-RBat Machinery directive and risk assessment 2
DC-FSi-FT@ DC-FSi-FT@ - Safe fluid technology - Safe implementation of EN ISO 13849 3

Learning path

An overview provides the Learning path.

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