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World leading specialist Bosch Rexroth has a unique level of technological expertise and knowledge that we are keen to pass to apprentices and students and to specialist staff and employees. Rexroth supports tailored training, development and qualification of technical specialists.

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Below you can find answers and any information to frequently asked questions regarding our training courses, fees, registration and cancellation.

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Training courses

Which requirements and prior knowledge do I need for participating in a training course?

The training descriptions contain the prerequisites for the participation in the training (e.g. completion of basic training or eLearning courses). Some of this knowledge can also be obtained through practical workplace experience. A gasp of technical concepts is usually sufficient to attend basic training courses.

In which language are the training courses held?

The language in which the respective training course is offered is specified in the training description under "Timetable". Are you interested in a training in a language that is not listed in our catalogue? Please contact us.

What is the maximum number of participants for the training courses?

The maximum number of participants for practical training sessions depends on the number of workstations on our training system. In order to ensure successful learning, working takes place in small groups (approx. two persons). For theoretical training courses, the maximum number of participants is limited to the number of seats in the training rooms.

What do I have to bring for the training?

Please bring working/safety shoes for the practical training. Without safety shoes, you can only limitedly participate in the set-up/performance of the practical exercises. If you don't have safety shoes, steel caps which you can wear over your outdoor shoes are available to you. In this case, please wear sturdy shoes. In the training description, you can see from the icons in the top right corner whether your training is a practical training. If you have a qualification passport, we ask you to also bring it to the training. Writing materials and training documents are provided on site.

Are food and drinks provided during the training?

During the training, you get drinks, snacks and lunch free of charge.

Must I attend the training courses in the specified order?

We recommend attending the training courses in the specified order. For the correct sequence, please refer to the learning path shown at the beginning of each chapter. Only in this way, the desired learning effect can be achieved. The exercises from different practical training courses are in some cases also based on each other. For instance, the exercises of the HTP-2 training are continued in the HTP-4 training.


How do I know at which date a training course is held?

The training dates in this catalog have been fixed for one calendar year. If due to high demand, additional training courses are offered during the year, this will be indicated online at

If you are interested in dates for individual/in-house training courses, please contact the training hotline or

Are all training courses held that are published in the catalog?

The decision as to whether the training is to be held or not is made no later than two weeks prior to the start of the training (minimum number of participants). If the training is canceled, registered participants will be notified in writing. The training course will be rescheduled, if possible.

Training locations

Our training sessions are offered at different locations in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands. For more detailed information on our training locations, please refer to the information online at

Do the contents of identical training sessions at different locations differ?

The location does not influence the contents of the training. If one training course (e.g. HTG) is offered at different locations, there are no differences regarding the contents as compared to the identical training at another location.

Where can I park my car during the training?

Parking is free at our training locations. In some cases, you have to display a parking permit behind the vehicle's windshield. If this is the case at your training location, you can find the parking permit on our learning server under “My Training” once you have logged on.

Where do I get the directions for the training locations?

You can find the directions for the relevant training location on the learning server under „My Training“ once you have logged on or at

Registration and cancellation

How do I know whether I am registered for a training course?

You will receive confirmation of your course registration by email. Your registration is only complete with this written confirmation.

Why do I receive login information for the Rexroth LearnWorld in my registration confirmation?

This personal login is used for logging on to the Bosch Rexroth learning server where you will have access to location information and any training documents, reference material, etc. In order to be able to use this, the participant's personal e-mail address has to be specified. If you did not specify an e-mail address, we ask you to submit it after registering.

How can I cancel a training course?

For the cancellation conditions, please refer to our GT&C at the end of this training program. Please send us the cancellation by email to .

Training documents

Will training documents be provided?

Appropriate training documents will be provided for all training courses. For face-to-face training courses, which are marked with a tablet icon in the catalog, the training documents will be provided in electronic form on a tablet. This tablet is included in the training fee and is given directly to the customer. These may be used during the training course. For all other training courses, printed training documents will be provided (work folder).

Can I use the tablet after training for my own purposes?

The payment of the training fee transfers ownership of the tablet to the customer. This means the device becomes the property of the customer. The company will decide on the further use of the tablet.

Will I receive a discount if I bring the tablet to a later training program?

If you have already purchased a tablet for one of our training courses and bring it to a later course, you will receive a price discount of 50 euros. Please notify us in advance if this is the case.

Can I also get the training documents from previous training courses (before 2014) in electronic for

You can also view the documents from past training courses in electronic form by logging into Learn-World (under "My LearnWorld Training").

Who is my contact for tablet warranty/repair?

Please contact the tablet suppliers directly. You can find the contact information on the warranty and service certificate which come with the tablet. Bosch Rexroth cedes all warranty rights against the tablet suppliers to the customer as the owner of the tablet.

Do I get a certificate after participation in the training?

The trainer will hand out a certificate on the last day of the training i fit has been completed (at least 75% attendance).

What is a qualification passport?

The qualification passport is issued by the training administration for every customer. It serves the participants as overview of all training courses in which they have participated. When participating in follow-up training courses, we ask every participant to bring along the passport in order to also have the advanced training sessions amended. Participants can also enter training sessions of other training suppliers in their passport.

Training fee

How much does a training course cost?

For the training fee, please refer to the trainin description for each course in this catalog. The training fee comprises extensive training documents auxiliary material as well as snacks and lunch. We will send the invoice to your company once you have completed the training course. Please inform us of a different invoice address before the training.


Do I have to book the hotel at the training location myself?

As a training participant or registering party, you are responsible for booking the accommodation. Various overnight accommodation options are available at the training locations. Once you have logged on to our learning server, click on the confirmed course under the “My Training”section and you will find a list of hotels to choose from. The hotels are not listed according to quality or preference.

Do the hotels offer a special rate for training participants?

The training participants have to pay the regular price for overnight stays if no reservation code is specified in the list of hotels.

Bosch Rexroth LearnWorld (learning server)

Why do I receive login information for the learning server in my registration confirmation?

This personal login is used for logging on to the Bosch learning server where you will have access to

location information and any training documents, reference material, etc. In order to be able to use this, the participant's personal e-mail address has to be specified. If you did not specify an e-mail address, we ask you to submit it after registering.

Why does the password request not work after clicking on the URL course registration confirmation?

The password request will only work if the participant's personal email address has been specified. If the participant's email address has not been specified in the registration form, we ask you to hand it in later. If the participant does not have a business email address, you can alternatively specify the private email address or a company email address. Please note that the link to the password request is only valid for 24 hours. If you want to request the password after expiry of the 24 hours, please contact us. We will then send you a new link for the password request.

Why does the booking contact also get a login to the learning server?

After logging on to the Bosch Rexroth learning world, the booking contact can see all training bookings of the assigned employees under "My profile" in the "Courses of my staff" section. This gives them an overview of which bookings have already been confirmed. After clicking on the training of an employee, they moreover have access to information on the training location such as the hotel list and can thus book the hotels for the participants themselves.

Do I have to log on to the learning server? Which advantages do I have if I register?

As soon as you have received a course registration confirmation from us, you are also registered for the training without logging on to the learning server. For the advantages of the Bosch Rexroth LearnWorld, please refer to page 12 or Should you have any further questions on the topic LearnWorld, feel free to contact us.