Automation and Industry 4.0

Fundamentals and Overview
Training Description Duration in days
AT-i4.0 AT-i4.0 – Understand Industry 4.0 1
ATP-i4.0 ATP-i4.0 - Converting production from Industry 3.0 to Industry 4.0 5
Software solutions
Training Description Duration in days
MOT-Prod-i4.0 MOT-Prod-i4.0 - Visualization of process data 1
HTP-IAC-HMC1 HTP-IAC-HMC1 - Best-in-class hydraulic controller VT-HMC/IAC Multi-Ethernet 3
HTP-HMC2 HTA2 - Hydraulics training – Axial piston units A4VSO, A15 2
ESTG-OCI HBasics of Open Core Engineering 2
EST-XLC/MLC-OCI-EASY Introduction to Open Core Interface 2
EST-XLC/MLC-OCI-WIN Windows Programming with Open Core Interface 2
EST-MTX-EWB MTX Efficiency Workbench 3

Learning path

An overview provides the Learning path.

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