Hägglunds Original Service

Service for Hägglunds motors and drive systems.

High-performance systems in the engineering industry need high-quality assistance. Bosch Rexroth is home to certified Hägglunds service specialists, whose expert training is specific to Hägglunds equipment. Not only do they service their motors, they take a complete drive system approach to securing your uptime.

Hägglunds service specialists, securing uptime world-wide

As a truly global company, we can maximize uptime and ensure performance anywhere in the world. We have everything needed to sustain, repair, modernize or upgrade Hägglunds drive systems, including genuine Hägglunds spare parts direct from the factory.

Field service

The Bosch Rexroth support is the only true choice for maintenance of your Hägglunds drive system. Ever since Hägglunds became part of Bosch Rexroth, we have been the source for Hägglunds service, Hägglunds spare parts and system repairs. Only at Bosch Rexroth you will find the knowledge and insights that come from a half-century of servicing Hägglunds drive systems.

  • Start-up support
  • Condition-based maintenance
  • Fitness checks
  • Emergency support

Drive repairs

The rugged design and leading-edge technology of Hägglunds products are the result of world-class workmanship. That same workmanship is found in the unique tools and processes used by our experts to repair Hägglunds motors and drive systems. Our skilled Hägglunds specialists are factory-certified to repair Hägglunds products, which gives you solid assurance that the work will be done right.

Our repair offering includes:

  • Fixed-price repairs
  • Preferred repair lead times
  • Remain exchange
  • Product upgrades

Spare parts

Only genuine Hägglunds spare parts deliver the same world-class performance as the Hägglunds drive systems you depend on. Our spare parts program, which can be combined with discounts and extended warranty options, gets Hägglunds parts to you quickly and reliably. Strategically located parts inventories, found at Rexroth service centers worldwide, ensure it.

Beyond Hägglunds parts themselves, we can offer:

- inventory management

- dedicated spares and kits

- stocking of emergency units.

Extended Service

Rexroth can also provide a wide range of other services related to the Hägglunds drives and its systems, incl:

Remote technical support

You can turn to our Hägglunds experts for support by phone, e-mail, etc. Support time can be arranged by the hour or incorporated into a Service Agreement.


After a discussion of your needs, we can propose ways to upgrade your equipment and applications, for example to reduce energy consumption or increase power density.

Customer training

We can provide you with customized training packages, focused on maintaining your Hägglunds drive and getting maximum performance from your system.

Hägglunds Original service

If you would like to receive further information, please contact us via email or download our brochures!