Lapping plates casting

In cooperation with leading machine manufacturers and well-known ball and wafer manufacturers, Rexroth has developed special cast qualities for machining balls and lapping wafers.

Manufactured using a special process, Rexroth disks feature the following criteria:

  • Shrink-free, homogeneous base structure and low hardness differences over the entire cross-section.
  • Uniform graphite formation in terms of shape and size over the entire cross-section

These special properties mean that Rexroth disks provide a long service life along with excellent material removal and good machining capacity to produce superb quality ball and wafer products.

We produce cast disks for ball and wafer machining units from all manufacturers as well as dressing rings and disk holders. We work to customers’ drawings for special versions and in-house developments. In addition to well-known machine manufacturers we also supply ball and wafer manufacturers throughout the world.

Materials lapping plates GG

  VDG information sheet W43 VDG information sheet W43 VDG information sheet W43 hardened hardenable
Basic structure Ferritic Perlitic-ferritic Mainly perlitic Martensitic-bainitic Mainly bainitic
Tensile strength MPa 200 250 300 - -
Hardness HBW-5/750 120-180 180-240 200-290 470-520 250-310
0.2%-offset yield stress MPa - - - - -
Braking elongation % - - - - -

Materials lapping plates GGG

  GGGK-40 GGGK-50 GGGK-60 GGGK-70
  Comparable with EN1563 Comparable with EN1563 Comparable with EN1563 Comparable with EN1563
Basic structure Ferritic Ferritic-perlitic Perlitic-ferritic Mainly perlitic
Tensile strength MPa 400 500 600 700
Hardness HBW-5/750 130-180 170-240 220-280 250-310
0.2% yield point MPa 250 320 370 420
Breaking elongation % 18 7 3 2

Nodular cast iron GGGK-40

Nodular cast iron GGGK-50

Nodular cast iron GGGK-60

Nodular cast iron GGGK-70

Grey cast iron GGK-F

Grey cast iron GGK-FP

Grey cast iron GGK-H hardened

Grey cast iron GGK-H hardenable