Scalable handling solutions –with web technology and safety on board

Handling solutions reconceived

The market for handling and robotic solutions is highly price-driven, yet still leaves room for disruptive ideas.

The proof for this: Our advanced solution package for Cartesian kinematics that combines an economical industrial control with state-of-the-art web technology and secured teaching via standard tablet.

Your advantage: minimum investment costs and maximum efficiency during installation and operation.

Commissioning without parameterization

The mechanics is read out from the motor encoder memory. This eliminates the need for time-consuming parameterization of the drive.

Teaching of the handling

A combination of tablet and enabling switch function for "SafeTeaching" – operation via web-based visualization.

Secure communication is guaranteed by an IoT firewall.

Simple programming

The graphical programming is done by Google Blockly to display programming concepts such as variables and logical expressions. Therefore no programming knowledge is necessary.

Features for handling

Software functions such as "Active vibration damping" in particular help to protect the mechanics with maximum accuracy at the gripper.

Data tracking for predictive maintenance

The running times of the mechanical axes and the monitoring of mechanical parameters such as friction are continuously tracked, thus minimizing unexpected downtimes.

Easy integration into IoT systems

With OPC UA and the Open Core Interface, the handling solutions can be integrated quickly and securely into customer-specific IoT systems.


After connecting the servo motor to the drive, it automatically reads out the feedback memory with the kinematic parameters stored there.

This eliminates the need to enter parameters manually, which significantly speeds up commissioning.

Web visualization

The integrated WEB server allows HTML5 WEB pages to be stored directly on the controller. Web technology enables the use of low-cost consumer tablets regardless of display size.

In combination with the enabling switch for tablets, safe teaching is even possible.

Connectivity & Security

The new handling solution places particular emphasis on the two key features i4.0 connectivity and IT security. While the optional IoT Gateway ensures horizontal and vertical networking, the optionally available security router with newly developed IoT Firewall guarantees secure communication between tablet and controller. This means that no unauthorized persons can log on to the controller, nor can viruses infect the controller or spread through the company IT network.

  Network Segmentation Remote Access Data Streaming

Special handling features such as active vibration damping or torque pre-control help to protect the mechanics and increase productivity.


An economical complete package comprising industrial controller, drives, servo motor, safety zone module and teaching holder for consumer tablets:

Safety Zone Module: HSZ01

The safety zone module HZS01 monitors the safety devices such as protective doors or light barriers and realizes, if necessary, safe movement.

Safety Zone Module: HSZ01