Efficient and smooth operations, regardless of environment

Bosch Rexroth powerful and lightweight system solutions and components help you to do your job efficiently, quickly and reliably, day after day, hour after hour. Our wide portfolio of reliable Hägglunds and Rexroth products and system solutions enables you to increase longevity and improve rig utilization for all important drill rig functions. We have long experience from the oil and gas industry and the know how to provide the power to get the job done efficiently, while bringing a high level of control to optimize production and to help ensure safe solutions for machinery and personnel.

Top head drives / power swivel drives

A highly reliable direct drive solution packing a lot of torque into a very small footprint.


  • Reliability and flexibility through heavy-duty design and proven technology
  • Rugged equipment withstands the toughest environments, enabling optimization of production
  • Space and weight-saving solutions allowing for smooth, efficient transition from one project to the next

Mud pump drives


  • High torque and low speed, as well as infinitely variable speed, ensure optimal mud pump flow
  • Direct drive system enabling simplicity in design and efficiency in performance
  • Space and weight-saving solutions allow layout optimization and efficient operations

Draw works


  • High power-to-weight ration and power capacity enable efficient tripping of the pipe or rod
  • Excellent low speed performance, even at around zero rpm, makes it easier to feather control the load as well as run smoothly in auto drilling mode
  • Space and weight-saving solution

Rotary table drives


  • Proven technology
  • Reliable products with rugged design to withstand the harshest enviroments

Coiled tubing


  • Direct drives provides simplicity and fast operations
  • Excellent controllability even at the lowest speed and highest torques
  • Space and weight saving