Semiconductor manufacturing technology

When it comes to semiconductor manufacturing technology, Rexroth offers mechatronic modules designed for smooth motion during wafer handling as well as non-contact material for the process chambers and a higher level of nano-meter scale positioning accuracy.

We channel our more than a decade of experience within this industry into developing new components, modules and product lines for both front-end and back-end.

Five programs – one major advantage: tailored solutions boost efficiency

We offer five scalable automation programs designed for typical semiconductor applications. All of these enable manufacturers to reduce time to market. Each program integrates a harmonized components that cover the full range of technologies. These tailored mechatronic solutions reduce the need for vertical integration. Our team of specialists designs complete subsystems specifically optimized and tailored for semiconductor manufacturers. All they need to do is install them and set the parameters.

High precision positioning with tight IO synchronisation

Products for high speed and high precision Gantry applications

Modular motion solutions, open to third party actuators