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2019-04-16 Press Information

Bosch Rexroth reports strong sales growth in fiscal 2018

In 2018, Bosch Rexroth generated a turnover of around €6.2 billion. This means the drive and control technology provider posted a 12.4% increase year-over-year. Adjusted for currency effects, growth was 13%. At the end of 2018, incoming orders amounted to €6.7 billion – a 3.8% increase over the positive previous business year.

2019-04-11 Press Information

Cast off for the journey into the future of industrial communication

Real-time wireless communication, full connectivity and interoperability from the field level to the cloud: these are all prerequisites for realizing the factory of the future. In order to actually make use of what is technically possible, all automation providers have to agree on an open standard from the field level to IoT communication. There has been great progress here: The Field Level Communication (FLC) initiative of the OPC Foundation for full interoperability of field devices is gaining momentum.

2019-04-10 Press Information

Bosch Rexroth develops and tests new features supporting autonomous docking of offshore access systems

Laser systems, cameras and motion reference units: Bosch Rexroth is developing and testing new features that will make future offshore access systems and other applications safer and more efficient.

2019-04-08 Press Information

New generation of flow sharing (LUDV) valves: modular RS20 platform from Rexroth

No compromises when it comes to operating life and robustness – this was the basic principle when coming up with the new design. With a maximum flow of 300 l/min per section, the RS20 platform from Rexroth achieves an even lower pressure loss compared to its mono block M7 20 and M6 22 predecessors. At the same time, the sandwich plate design allows any combination of small and large valve sections. As a result, the specific flow can be provided for each actuator in mobile machines. Manufacturers can match the sections to ensure that their requirements are optimally met.

2019-04-08 Press Information

Transforming construction equipment – Rexroth drives electrification

Technical progress is having a huge impact on construction equipment. Rexroth is combining its expertise in electrical industrial solutions and mobile applications with the long-time experience that Bosch has built up in the area of electromobility. The result is a broad portfolio of components for the electrification of mobile applications. Modular software and compatible hydraulic pumps complement the new 700V motors, inverters and gear units. As a result, Rexroth offers comprehensive system solutions that open new opportunities to the manufacturers of construction equipment.

2019-04-01 Press Information

Bosch Rexroth will supply Hägglunds drive systems for the world’s largest bucket wheel reclaimer

Bosch Rexroth is proud to be selected by thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Australia as the supplier of the bucket wheel drive system for the largest-ever rail-mounted bucket wheel reclaimer. Featuring an ore-moving capacity of 20,000 t/h, the bucket wheel reclaimer will be installed at the new BHP South Flank iron ore mine in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

2019-03-31 Press Information

Digital service connects hydraulic power unit with the IoT

With the new CytroBox generation of hydraulic power units, Bosch Rexroth connects fluid technology with the Internet of Things (IoT) as a standard feature – for maximum availability and lower maintenance costs. The CytroConnect software solution integrated into the unit uses sensors to monitor the main operating states and analyze them online. A dashboard shows maintenance technicians all the relevant parameters and provides important maintenance instructions. In addition to the Freemium basic module, machine manufacturers and users can add further digital service options, for example to receive error messages via push alerts or to use the data analyzed by artificial intelligence for predictive maintenance.

2019-03-31 Press Information

Factory automation meets IT: Ready for the big upgrade

Bosch Rexroth will demonstrate the potential of open and scalable automation solutions for the factory automation of the future at the Hanover Fair, using the example of a fully automated 3D printer that is connected via 5G. The exhibit, which was developed jointly with machine manufacturer BigRep, Nokia and Qualcomm, shows what open automation can do to technically and economically optimize valueadded processes.

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