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2020-09-12 Press Information

Green hydraulics for climate protection

Climate protection initiatives or the EU’s Green Deal are increasing the pressure on machine manufacturers to help their customers achieve their targets with energy-efficient hydraulic solutions. Compared to conventional technologies, the Sytronix variable-speed drives from Bosch Rexroth reduce energy consumption and electricity costs by up to 80 percent. The intelligent electrohydraulic systems indirectly reduce CO2 emissions by the same amount. Bosch Rexroth obtained these figures during real modernization projects.

2020-09-09 Press Information

Practical online preparation for Industry 4.0

The digitalization of business and production processes is picking up unbelievable speed at the moment. The pressure to change that is being felt by manufacturing companies is intensifying and has spread across all areas of these operations, including the development of new business models. With the help of a live and modular eTraining called “Digitalization of the modern world of work – entry into Industry 4.0,” the Rexroth Academy is offering a practical introduction to the fundamentals, impact and future of digitalization in industrial areas. The online training program is available in German and English. It is designed for developers, production and logistics specialists as well as managers in all departments of the company.

2020-08-19 Press Information

Bosch Rexroth and Barge Master introduce the next generation of autonomous landing systems for motion compensated gangways

As automation technology becomes more sophisticated and vessel owners around the world prioritize the optimization of operational hours, Bosch Rexroth has developed a new autonomous landing solution which significantly improves both safety and performance.

2020-08-12 Press Information

Calculation program for Linear Motion Technology with new functions and greater ease of operation

Since 2008, the Linear Motion Designer has been the first choice when it comes to calculating and dimensioning Rexroth Linear Motion Technology components – and it is being improved all the time. The latest version of the software tool also allows you to dimension linear bushings and, thanks to new functions, enables you to do so even more quickly and conveniently. The Linear Motion Designer is thus an important part of Rexroth’s digital engineering and procurement chain.

2020-07-28 Press Information

Transparent with a perfect flow

Produced using 3D sand core printing, the new hydraulic manifold for channel balers features a complementary condition monitoring concept. The inner geometry, which was optimized via simulation, helps system end-users to achieve an entirely new level of productivity, while the additive manufacturing of manifolds opens up new opportunities for manufacturers when integrating machines and functions. The individual manifolds complement Bosch Rexroth’s conventional range of products for channel balers, scrap shears and scrap presses.

2020-07-24 Statement

Connected Hydraulics: Connectivity with added value

For machine manufacturers and users, productivity is the measure of all things. Connected hydraulics makes an important contribution to productivity because it combines the physical advantages of fluid technology over the entire life cycle with the almost infinite possibilities of digitalization and connectivity in the Internet of Things.

2020-07-24 Press Information

Certified Marine Repair Center opened in Istanbul and Singapore

Following the exceedingly positive experience with its own Marine Repair Centers in Central Europe (Hamburg, DE), Asia (Shanghai, CN and Busan, KR) and North America (Houston, US), Bosch Rexroth now has a local presence in the Mediterranean area (Istanbul, TR) and Southeast Asia (Singapore, SG). The repair centers are consequently oriented towards the special needs of the shipping industry. Internal supply chains and warehousing close to the port (maximum 24-hour transport route) ensure the availability of certified parts at competitive prices. Inspection and maintenance routines in accordance with classification requirements and specially trained personnel ensure compliance with the strict specifications of the classification societies.

2020-07-21 Press Information

Quickly to the right spare part

Bosch Rexroth's spare parts service for industrial hydraulics shortens ordering and repair times for its users. The expanded range of tools extends from easy ordering via app, to a comprehensive spare parts program with over 150,000 material numbers and thousands of original seal kits, to contractually secured spare parts supply.

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