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2019-08-15 Press Information

CNC system MTX: digitally advanced

With the latest software version of the CNC system MTX, Bosch Rexroth is expanding and simplifying the digital engineering of machine tools right through to 3D machining simulations as part of everyday operations. In parallel to the increase in digitalization and connectivity, the engineering and functions of the CNC system have evolved into a practical and proven IoT solution which is already capable of meeting future connectivity requirements today.

2019-07-19 Press Information

Cross-technology connectivity

At the EMO, Bosch Rexroth will be demonstrating just how easy connecting CNC control systems with umati and OPC UA can be in practice the help of several machining modules and a machine tool. The company consistently relies on open standards, decentralized intelligence and IoT-ready solutions in the CNC systems, hydraulics and Linear Motion Technology.

2019-07-16 Press Information

Heiner Lang appointed to Bosch Rexroth Executive Board

Heiner Lang (43) will join the Executive Board of Bosch Rexroth AG on August 1. Once on the Board, he will take over responsibility for the technology company’s engineering.

2019-07-15 Press Information

Building automation: Rexroth opts for KNX

Smart building as the key technology for sustainable building rapidly advances the connectivity of building technology. Open communications standards are essential in this process. Bosch Rexroth is now supporting this trend in the area of building automation with the KNX master, which is used in industrial control systems on a modular basis.

2019-07-08 Press Information

Additional sizes for Ball Screw Assemblies: The more dynamic way to achieve your goal

With quicker linear movements, machine manufacturers can increase productivity. With higher forces and precision requirements, the delicate interaction of the rotary speeds and torque of the electrical drive system with the size of the Ball Screw Assembly is crucial. With the four new sizes 8x5, 40x25, 40x30 and 50x30, Rexroth has further expanded its range of BASA Ball Screw Assemblies. With multi-start spindles and multi-start nuts, the load ratings and service lives of Ball Screw Assemblies are increased.

2019-07-01 Press Information

Plug & Produce – with the electromechanical kit for easy joining applications

Bosch Rexroth’s new, innovative Smart Press Kit is designed to meet future industrial requirements and provides a mechatronic complete package that is immediately ready for use across an extremely wide range of standardized pressing and joining applications. The modular kit, consisting of mechanical components, electrical components and software, simplifies product selection and configuration as well as commissioning. The Smart Press Kit can be connected via open interfaces and conveniently monitored on a tablet during operations. This maximizes transparency, reduces downtime and increases productivity.

2019-06-25 Press Information

Highly dynamic active logic for use in die casting machines

The actively controlled LC2A check valve for the pressure range up to 500 bar closes within just 10 to 20 ms which is faster than all solutions available on the market. In the injection process of die casting machines it ensures a swifter transition from “shot” to “holding pressure” and hence guarantees consistently high quality even in the case of components with a complex geometry.

2019-06-25 Press Information

Variable-speed pump drives: Designed to reduce power consumption by up to 80%

Energy efficiency is becoming an increasingly important issue for end users of die casting machines. Manufacturers of these machines can reduce the power consumption of the hydraulics by up to 80% with Rexroth's Sytronix variable-speed pump drives. At the same time, thanks to decentralized intelligence, they are able to turn functions, which were previously carried out hydraulically, over to the software. Furthermore, Sytronix products can be incorporated with open interfaces into increasingly connected production environments.

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