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2019-06-25 Press Information

Highly dynamic active logic for use in die casting machines

The actively controlled LC2A check valve for the pressure range up to 500 bar closes within just 10 to 20 ms which is faster than all solutions available on the market. In the injection process of die casting machines it ensures a swifter transition from “shot” to “holding pressure” and hence guarantees consistently high quality even in the case of components with a complex geometry.

2019-06-25 Press Information

Variable-speed pump drives: Designed to reduce power consumption by up to 80%

Energy efficiency is becoming an increasingly important issue for end users of die casting machines. Manufacturers of these machines can reduce the power consumption of the hydraulics by up to 80% with Rexroth's Sytronix variable-speed pump drives. At the same time, thanks to decentralized intelligence, they are able to turn functions, which were previously carried out hydraulically, over to the software. Furthermore, Sytronix products can be incorporated with open interfaces into increasingly connected production environments.

2019-06-25 Press Information

New dynamics improve shot technology

In comparison to other models on the market, Rexroth’s redeveloped 2WRCE-4X high-response directional cartridge valves achieve the required flow in the shortest actuating time. As injection valves, they improve the “shot” (the key process that decisively influences the quality of die-cast components) in die casting machines thanks to improved dynamics and repetition accuracy even in the case of large flows. The optimized housing and piston geometries enable larger flows meaning that one size smaller can be used in many applications.

2019-06-25 Press Information

IO-Link: The gateway for easy and reliable access to connectivity

Connectivity is becoming increasingly important in new and existing systems as a decisive lever for increasing availability, including in metallurgy. Rexroth is now taking advantage of the benefits of the open standard IO-Link in order to digitally connect hydraulic valves and sensors easily and reliably without having to interfere with the process control.

2019-06-25 Press Information

Time is Money: Engineering for large power units reduced to five days

With ABMAXX, Bosch Rexroth is the first hydraulics manufacturer to offer a modular system for large power units. ABMAXX accelerates the engineering and commissioning of large hydraulic power units for new construction or the modernization of plants. The hydraulics specialists are able to create a quote complete with a hydraulic circuit diagram, a parts list, a 3D model and dimensions all within a maximum of five working days. As such, system manufacturers and end users can reduce engineering lead times alone by 80%. The pre-configured ABMAXX modules are composed of highly available standard components. The modular approach reduces costs by up to 35 percent and increases operational availability.

2019-06-25 Press Information

Energy-efficient and smart: Sytronix variable-speed pump drives

Where fluctuating power demand is thrown into the mix or single-axis solutions are implemented, designers are increasingly turning to Rexroth’s Sytronix variable-speed pump drives. Depending on the proportion of partial load, they can reduce the power consumption of hydraulics by up to 80%. At the same time, system manufacturers can turn functions, which were previously carried out hydromechanically, over to the software and thus significantly increase the flexibility of their systems.

2019-06-18 Press Information

Entertainment on AIDAnova

Together with AIDA Cruises, Bosch Rexroth has designed, planned and built in a completely new type of upper stage machinery for the fleet’s newest and largest cruise ship, AIDAnova. It was installed in the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg. In the Theatrium, dancers, singers, artists and hosts inspire the audience several times a day. The central element is the LED tunnel installed two decks above the stage that floats down onto the stage.

2019-06-06 Press Information

Sense, connect, detect: The new sensor component for the factory of the future

Sensors are the sensory organs of the Factory of the Future, the data that they collect are the raw material for continuous process improvement and equipment effectiveness. But how can data be collected for the many upcoming IoT projects at a reasonable cost? For example, with the SCD sensor (Sense Connect Detect), in the development of which Bosch's expertise in sensor production and Bosch Rexroth's automation experience have been incorporated. The SCD can be easily attached to the desired component and records, visualizes and stores data quickly and without programming effort.

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