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Rexroth Safety on Board - Your Path to Intelligent and Economical Machine Safety

Reduce Risk and Boost Productivity with Rexroth Safety on Board

Machines must not constitute a hazard to people: Around the globe, this principle is implemented with more and more severity through international standards and regional laws. Thus, for machine manufacturers, machine safety is the main criteria for successfully entering global markets. We help manufactures and machine users to fulfill their responsibilities with regard to the protection of man and machine in a standard-compliant and economical manner. Integrated safety systems can even increase work ergonomics and productivity.

Safety on Board

You want to ensure compliance with applicable laws and standards while keeping development costs at a minimum? You are also looking for ideas for how you can improve the productivity, flexibility and ergonomics of your machines? With Safety on Board, you are always on the safe side.

Systematic Safety on all Levels

To ensure machine safety, the entire system needs to be taken into account: From the drive level to the superordinate machine control. Safety on Board helps you by providing standard-compliant products and system solutions for functional safety on all levels of automation and in different technologies.

Accessing Markets Safely: Knowing all the Rules

New international standards and different local laws: With our global network, we support you in every region, help you to comply with all provisions in an economical manner and, thus, ensure that you have access to the markets of these regions. Gain an overview with the interactive cosmos of standards.

Safety Specialists

Your are looking for individual support from experienced safety experts? Our Safety Specialists are at your disposal with help and advice. The services we offer range from practically oriented training and advice on individual questions to project handling and programming.

Machinery Applications and Engineering

Factory Automation


Our drive-based safety solutions will help you to increase machine availability while ensuring the highest level of functional safety. Just bring the respective axis into safe condition to perform manual interventions in a risk-free and fast manner.


With our scalable safety controls SafeLogic compact and SafeLogic, you can make the implementation of functional safety less complex. An important commonality: Changes to the safety control have no effect on the standard program.

Sustainable Safety - Through the Qualification of your Employees

In order to teach your employees what they have to look out for, we offer training and eLearning programs tailored to your specific requirements. Our certificates provided through an independent testing institute confirm that you acquire the latest know-how.

SafeMotion even more intelligent

Realizing safety functions in a decentralized manner and without any additional safety components: The new generation of SafeMotion comprises logic elements, such as for monitoring the safety door and guard control, the reset of the safety function or respectively the restart of the drive.

Significantly higher load

Tests for winches used in stage technology have shown: In case of an emergency stop, the real load is significantly higher than twice the nominal force. This means that all components involved in the power transmission have to be dimensioned higher accordingly.

Open for more safety

Simple combination of safe devices from a large variety of manufacturers in heterogeneous system solutions: The Multi-Safety Master functionality of SafeLogic processes safety signals of the safety periphery via the Sercos automation bus as well as via PROFIsafe.

Your Personal Machine Safety Consulting

Our Safety Specialists help you to reduce accident hazards and to increase productivity. To this end, we are happy to analyze your entire system and your processes. We recommend effective measures for machine safety and workplace ergonomics. In addition, we support you around the globe when it comes to the implementation of legal standards and requirements.