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Safety for Highly Productive Production Lines

Safety Solutions Specifically Tailored to your Industry and Target Region

More and more machine users order their machines with customer-specific handling systems or order complete integrated production lines. Thus, the task of machine manufacturers becomes more complex. They must comply with all the requirements placed on machine safety by standards and laws. The drive-integrated safety functions and scalable safety controls reduce this complexity. With Safety on Board, machine manufacturers implement the requirements of standards and laws in a fast and economical manner. They gain easier access to different markets with their machines, since Rexroth supports them with the implementation of international standards. Upon request, our local experts provide you with advice on market-specific provisions such as the European Machinery Directive or the NR12 standard in Brazil.

Standard-Compliant Products and Solutions at all Levels of Automation


Drive-integrated and certified safety functions also in the drive assemblage.

SafeLogic Compact

The compact safety control for stand-alone modules and compact to medium-sized machines.


Safety control for machines with decentralized safety periphery complementing the control.

Safe rolling mill system

How Bosch Rexroth has updated systems from different manufacturers and with different years of manufacture to state-of-the-art safety technology.

Braking distance reduced by more than 95%

How Bosch Rexroth has reduced the braking distance of a natural rubber mixing plant in the event of a safe stop to 18 mm.

Safe stage technology

How, at all times, the Rexroth stage control system safely controls more than 600 drives in the Bolshoi Theater.

Industry-Specific System Solutions with Certified Safety

Increase your productivity while achieving optimum machine safety: Combine our industry-specific drive and safety solutions with standard-compliant safety functions in drives and comfortable safety controls.