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Mobile Energy Efficiency

Reducing emissions by increasing energy efficiency

Manufacturers of mobile machines are facing a dual challenge: On one hand, they generally cannot meet certain emission standards such as the US TIER 4 or the European STAGE unless they use diesel engines having the requisite certification – often in combination with additional measures such as exhaust treatment methods and diesel particulate filter. Likewise, reducing fuel consumption also helps meet the requirements. On the other hand, manufacturers want to offer their customers maximum productivity. We support you in achieving both those goals.


  • Energy efficient system solutions
  • More efficient components and systems
  • Recovering energy
  • Performance on demand

Our solutions reduce fuel consumption and emissions


Diesel Hydraulic Control (DHC) integrates working and drive hydraulics with the diesel engine management system. Result: Fuel economy is improved by up to 20%.


Virtual Bleed Off allows excavators to be controlled with a measurable improvement in energy efficiency and lowers fuel consumption by more than 10%, depending on the model.


The best of two worlds: HVT combines the advantages of hydrostatic and mechanical travel drives.


A7VO axial piston variable displacement pump: Greater output current with the same installed power.

RS 12

RS 12 control manifold: Always enough power for all movements and tasks.

Selected best practices

Hydrostatic fan drives

Hydrostatic fan drives decouple cooling capacity from motor speed.


Save thousands of liters of fuel with on-demand performance. A1VO offers manufacturers the cost-effective option of a load sensing system for tractors in the 90 HP Class.


Compact excavators: New system solution for LUDV lowers fuel consumption and increases productivity.

Lower emissions at full performance

Our solutions help manufacturers of mobile machines reduce emissions — with equal or better productivity.