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Rexroth makes knowledge available

We bundle products, activities and services for providing knowledge by the development of:

  • Systematic preparation of technical expertise
  • Training courses for specific target groups
  • Modern teaching forms and materials
  • Practice-based training systems
  • Bosch Rexroth Training Center including specialised train-the-trainer certification

What training at Rexroth means

  • Provision of unique expertise in Drive & Control technologies
  • Competent trainers and contact people
  • Application-based teaching and learning media
  • Practice-based methods
  • Modern equipment and training systems
  • State of the art training
  • Perfect trainee numbers at the courses

Expertise increases productivity

Qualified personnel...

  • exploits the potential of all drive, control and movement technologies
  • uses state of the art
  • improves procedures in production
  • identifies errors more quickly
  • increases the value for your company