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Move around in your individual LearnWorld

Make use of your training documentation and any information on your booked training before and after the training date. Keep an eye on the dates for the follow-up training.

A voluntary knowledge check per training which is only available to you allows you to determine the knowledge location and ensures that the selected training corresponds to your target expectations.

You have got access data with the confirmation of training registration. Prerequisites for the use are Internet access as well as a personal email address.

    • Personal login to the Rexroth LearnWorld
    • Availability of the personal learning documentation in eBook format
    • Course-oriented eLearning modules
    • Personal knowledge check
    • Training catalog
    • Depending on the training:
      • Software and configuration tools
      • Information about the training: Hotel list, directions sketch, location information, training description
      • Technical books
      • Access duration up to at least six months after the end of the training
      • Bosch Rexroth NewsLetter upon request
      • Various knowledge documents