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Motors and Gearboxes

Rexroth’s complete line of motion control servo motors features a unique variety of synchronous and asynchronous motor designs, all engineered to deliver the high-speed, reliable, cost-effective performance today’s factory automation applications require.

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High-dynamic, compact, efficient servo motors from Rexroth

Rexroth´s comprehensive range of motors provides high performance and a unique variety of types, designs, and capacities. In combination with the IndraDrive system, our robust motors allow you to implement both standard and high-end applications in modern factory automation – intelligent, highly dynamic, precise, and reliable. Special explosion-proof versions according to ATEX or UL/CSA complete the extensive portfolio.

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Motors and Gearboxes Description
Synchronous servo motors Synchronous servo motors (MSK) for all requirements, from 1 to 260 Nm and synchronous servo motors for explosive environments (MKE), from 1 to 100 Nm
Asynchronous servo motors Air-cooled asynchronous servo motors (MAD) and liquid-cooled asynchronous servo motors (MAF) for power levels from 10 to 100 kW
Linear motors Powerful synchronous linear motors for feed forces from 200 to 22,000 N
Synchronous torque motors Synchronous torque motors with torque ratings up to 13,800 Nm and rotary speeds up to 20,000 rpm
High-speed synchronous rotary motor Synchronous high-speed motors MBS for speeds up to 22,500 rpm and maximum torques up to 4,500 Nm
High-speed asynchronous rotary motors Asynchronous high-speed motors for smooth operation and high torque density and rated torques up to 875 Nm
Gearboxes Standard (GTE) and high-performance (GTM) planetary gearboxes for servo motors