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PLCopen - the standard in motion programming

Founded in 1992, PLCopen is an international manufacturer- and product-independent interest community of control suppliers, software houses and institutes. Committing to the global PLC standard IEC 61131-3 new standards are defined in different technical committes, which make a substantial efficiency increase possible in the development of application software. The centre of attention thereby is the desire expressed by users for simplicity, flexibility, conformity, and manufacturer-independence.

For example in November 2001 the first specification of a status machine and function block library was adopted on basis of the IEC 61131-3, in order to standardize the interface between PLC logic and motion control architectures. A further example: in February 2006, based on the safety standard IEC 61508 the PLCopen organization adopted the first specification with defined user groups, data types and function modules as a base for programmable safety controls. They are already regarded as quasi-standards by control manufacturers for future safety solutions.

Bosch Rexroth has been actively involved in the PLCopen technical commitees for years, which enabled early integration of the current PLCopen specifications in its products. Today, on basis of PLCopen standards, Bosch Rexroth offers innovative and PLCopen-certified total automation solutions which open important competition advantages to machine manufacturers

  • smaller complexity in that run-off programming over the use of uniform functional modules for all Motion tasks
  • accelerated shifting of applications by reusability of standardized software modules
  • increased software quality and increased efficiency in the total engineering
  • reduced would wind up for start-up, error tracing and maintenance
  • small training expenditure for for example service staff
  • increased flexibility in the Adaptation of machine variants
  • standardized automation concepts for different ranges of application
  • time ton market reduced manufacturing costs and accelerated from machines and plants

By the use of the PLCopen standards you concentrate on the substantial - on your machine processes and its functionality. For information to the automation solutions of Bosch Rexroth please refer to our product catalog .

Resuming information of the PLCopen organization and its standards please find here .