Motion Simulation Technology

3dof & 6dof Motion Platforms

In motion simulation, Rexroth offers electrically driven 3dof and 6dof motion platform solutions. The 6dof platforms, eMotion-1500 and eMotion-2700, are designed for today’s middle payload range in the electric driven motion systems product line. The hydraulic 3dof platforms, cMotion-16500 and cMotion-33000, are used for Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers (CEET's). The proven in-practice design is a synergy of our Drive and Control skills and profound application knowledge.

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Motion Platforms

eMotion - 6dof Motion Platforms

The electrically driven 6dof linear actuators, eMotion, are developed and manufactured within Rexroth. These motion platforms are suitable for payloads up to a maximum of 1500kg and 2700kg on top of the platform.

cMotion - 3dof Motion Platforms

The hydraulically driven 3dof linear actuators, cMotion, are developed for Cabin Emercency Evacuation Trainers (CEET). These motion platforms are suitable for narrow and wide body aircrafts with payloads up to a maximum of 16,500kg and 33,000kg.