Oil Analysis by Bosch Rexroth

Secure power and performance through professional control

Oil is the central component of every hydraulic system. When a system fails, oil contamination is usually the cause. Oil is continuously changing. Wear, dirt particles and fluids contaminate it. High operating temperatures and contact with oxygen further accelerate the aging process.

Continually extending oil change intervals reduces costs in the short term but increases the long-term risk of damage occurring as a result of poor lubrication. With Rexroth’s professional oil analysis service, you ensure the security and performance of your machinery.

Oil Analysis

The oil analysis provides valuable information on the status of the equipment and makes it possible to determine the optimal time for changing the oil. Wear particles are linked to damaged machine parts, indicate machine and component health and act as a timely indicator of potential future damage.

Oil Expertise

Besides the chemical and physical oil analysis of hydraulic fluids and lubricants according to ISO 4405, we also offer expertise in eliminating contamination and residue in used oils and filters. We complement determination of contamination types by use of scanning electron microscopes. This is realized in our own DCFS laboratories.