Rexroth IndraSize – Turbo for Drive Sizing

Sizing software for all Rexroth drives

With its IndraSize software, Rexroth now makes it easier to calculate the optimum sizes of drive controllers and motors. Thanks to the user-friendly interface it takes just a few minutes to specify the dimensions of all standard drive mechanisms such as ball screw, rack and pinion, belt and pulley, linear direct drive, rotary drive, rollers, rotary knife, winder and roll feed.

User-friendly to the optimal configuration

The motion sequence of the application can be configured freely with data of the kinematics and selection of the laws of motion. If the motion sequence cannot be determined, the sizing can also be calculated with the relative duty cycle. For very complex motion sequences a cam table from Rexroth's CamBuilder software can be imported. In addition, IndraSize allows typical applications to be described in a very simple form by parameter input. Applications such as winders, flying cutoff, roll feeds and cross cutter can be configured for the optimum drive solution in very little time.

The direct input or the import of torque- or force-load-cycles enables the integration of load-demands from measuring or from own calculations.

Both the sizing software as well as the thermal control in the drive software bases on the same algorithm. With it a safe operation in all operating points is given.

As the result the user always obtains the most economical drive – without expensive oversizing.

Current IndraSize software

Download Description
IndraSize_Setup.exe Current IndraSize software as EXE-file for use with installation.
(see installation notes below) Current IndraSize software as ZIP-file for use without installation.
(see installation notes below)
Update-file IndraSize Current update as 7z-file.
(see update notes below)
Download previous IndraSize version 06V01

Installation notes

  • Download IndraSize_Setup.exe for installation and start this file. IndraSize will be installed on the computer.
    The installation enables the possibility to start an IndraSize project file (ipl) or a single axis files (isa) directly via double click.
  • For use without installation download the After unzip the file IndraSize can be used without installation via start the file Start.exe.

Further notes

  • Release notes regarding the current version can be found in IndraSize in the item "About IndraSize" -> "ReleaseNotes"
  • Helpful notes, FAQ's and first steps for the software can be found in IndraSize in the item "Help and FAQ"
  • Examples are in the folder Example (In IndraSize, click on "Project Management" -> "Project" -> "Open", choose the folder "Example" and then select a file with the extension ".ipl")

Update notes

  • IndraSize contains an automatic update function
  • If the setting of the IT system blocks the automatic update function, please use the local update function in IndraSize
  • To use this function please download the update file (see above, file is only shown, if an update is necessary)

Notes for using IndraSize with/without administrator rights

  • In some cases you might need administrator rights for installing or running the software.
  • This depends on the operating system of your computer and the settings of your system administrator.
  • The settings "Run this program in compatibility mode for"..."Windows XP (Service Pack 3)" or "run as administrator" might help in some cases. (In the Windows explorer, right-click the file "IndraSize.exe" and select "Properties".)