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Lohr am Main, 2014-03-27 ST 005-14

The packaging machine of the next generation – world premiere and novelties at the interpack

Steffen Winkler, Vice President Sales and Industry Sector Management Food, Packaging, Printing at Bosch Rexroth AG

“Manufacturers of packaging machines have always been pioneers when it comes to the use of new automation technologies. In this way, they have been able to increase the productivity and flexibility for ever smaller batch sizes in the last few years. The trend in this direction continues and therefore, a generational change is in the offing in the field of packaging machines. The packaging machines of the next generation are cabinet-free, adaptive, simple, efficient, and ready for connected industry. What appeared unrealistic only a few years ago, has come into reach through progress in automation technology. Rexroth has thoroughly dealt with the market requirements and re-defined automation technology for packaging machines with numerous hardware and software innovations over the last three years. At the time of interpack 2014, numerous machine builders already benefit from these new technologies from Rexroth to set themselves apart from the competition with innovative solutions.

One renowned machine manufacturer will present, for example, the first cabinet-free packaging machine worldwide at interpack 2014. For this, the machine manufacturer relies on the cabinett-free drive system IndraDrive Mi. The highlight: The servo-drives can be directly mounted to and integrated into the machine with all the necessary components such as a power supply and mains module. The result: A control cabinet becomes superfluous. Packaging machines of the next generation can be adaptively adjusted to process requirements even better than in the past. Machine users will be able to set the machines to new packaging sizes or recipes by the push of a button. At the same time, intelligent drive functions increase the productivity. The software function “active vibration damping”, for example, prevents fluids from spilling over when transported in open containers – implemented simply by parameterization. As a consequence, significantly more dynamic movements can be realized. This shortens cycle times while increasing process reliability.

A further, decisive challenge for the machine-building sector: Keeping operation and diagnostics simple, despite the complexity of efficient machine concepts. The triumphant success of Smart Devices worldwide has already sustainably changed operation habits. Gesture control has now taken the place of keyboard and mouse. Used to this kind of operation from their everyday life, machine operators wish to have more intuitive operation concepts implemented. Rexroth responds to this requirement with new multi-touch-capable HMIs and the new interface technology of Open Core Engineering. This allows the seamless integration of smartphones and tablet PC with the entire operator convenience in plant and machinery.

At the same time, both, engineering and production need to be absolutely efficient. Machine builders satisfy this demand with advanced automation technology and innovative programming methods. Machine users are looking for partners who offer a maximum of productivity, machine availability and energy efficiency.

Future packaging machines will finally be measured by the extent, to which they fit into connected industry concepts. In the future, networking of the machine world with the corporate IT will promise significant efficiency advantages in the production of small batch sizes. As pioneer of decentralized intelligence and open standards, Rexroth has provided the basis for this growing together. Moreover, the new interface technology of Open Core Engineering closes the gap between packaging machines and corporate IT. This allows machine manufactures to realize individual machine functions in high-level languages on their own. And this opens up entirely new degrees of freedom for networking with higher-level IT systems.

At interpack 2014, numerous manufacturers already utilize Rexroth innovations for their advanced machine concepts. They set the trend for packaging machines of the next generation.”

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