Extend the service availability of your drive families now

Production reliability for your machine

You have used your Bosch Rexroth drive products successfully in your machines for a long time, but now they are nearing the end of their service life.

We offer two service options to protect your assemblies and to ensure that you can continue to benefit from the unobstructed Bosch Rexroth service you are used to.

You can choose between:

Product overhaul REMAN+


Preventive measure for machines with an increased failure rate, machines at bottlenecks or machines with high downtime cost.


 Our services:


  • We replace wear parts with the latest hardware and software
  • Your product is as new on a technical level
  • New warranty of 24 months for the entire product, can be extended to a maximum of 60 months
  • Including long-life service LLS

Long-life service LLS

Reactive protection of the service availability and ensuring system availability for unproblematic machines. No active interference with running production.


Our services:

  • Repair material available at any time
  • Securing of repair equipment, repair know-how and documentation
  • Technical support

Secure the service availability of your drive families. Open component overview »


Component Drive family
  DIAX 04 EcoDrive 03 ServoDyn D RD 500
Drive unit HDS, HDD      
DM, DMA      
RD51, RD52      
Drive unit with power supply DKR      
Power supply unit HVE; HVR      
RD41, RD42      
Capacity module HZK      
Mains filter HZF      
Bleeder module HZB      
Spindle module RS51      
Servo motors MHD      

Your benefits at a glance

service availability ensured for at least a further 5 years Extended machine life cycle Increased production reliability Minimized failure rate New warranty after overhaul