Preventive Maintenance Agreements by Bosch Rexroth

Detecting wear before it leads to failure

Increased availability

Preventive maintenance agreements increase system availability, because the hydraulic systems from Rexroth which have been installed are regularly inspected by specialists. They are therefore able to identify critical conditions before shutdown point is reached and arrange for maintenance or repair work on a planned basis.

Customized agreements

Rexroth offers customized agreements for need-based preventive maintenance measures on the installed hydraulic systems with fixed prices for the duration of the agreement. We develop system-optimized maintenance concepts for your plant and carry out requirement analyses, assessment of default risks and subsequent costs.

Further benefits

You benefit from reduced effort for maintenance planning because maintenance planning is performed by Rexroth. The reduction of unplanned breakdowns results in higher productivity of the production facility. Your maintenance costs are long-term predictable thanks to early detection and elimination of defects and we reduce your costs for maintenance through agreed discounts for spare parts and repairs.