Predictive Maintenance Agreements by Bosch Rexroth

Predictive Maintenance Agreements

Rely on the regular maintenance of your plan by Rexroth technicians. The extent of the services and maintenance cycles are tailored to meet your individual requirements.

Complete service package for maximizing your uptime

Sensors and hardware for continuous data acquisition with cloud connectivity, cloud based predictive analytics for fault detection in advance. Includes regular status reports with maintenance recommendations from Rexroth experts as well as the implementation of these measures

Predictive Maintenance – taking action in advance to avoid downtimes

The future-oriented and condition-based maintenance avoids unnecessary costs and expensive machine outages. On the basis of comprehensive data capturing, we at Rexroth analyze in advance what has to be done. Thus we guarantee predictive and need-based maintenance without long waits. Only actually worn components are replaced, so that you can continue to produce just in time.

Condition Monitoring – everything perfectly under control

In our Rexroth service packages, you will find a solution tailored exaxtly to your condition-based maintenance needs. Conventional limit analysis e.g. for fluid, local monitoring of individual critical components, or unique data mining with the ODiN Online Diagnostics Network - no matter which solution you choose: at Rexroth, service means partnership