Rental equipment by Bosch Rexroth

Smart rental solutions for power units

You often use hydraulic units temporary or need short-term additional equipment? Then renting is cheaper for you! Do not tie your capital in under-utilized equipment and take advantage of our wide range of rental equipment.

Our services

Bridging time in case of repair damage event or repair

Your power unit at the plant is wholly or partly failed and caused loss of production? You will shortly receive a rental unit to your system running again.

Breadboard construction or dry run

Assure the functioning during test runs or trial runs of parts of your system with a rental unit.

Purging and filtrating

In large plants, it is advantageous to carry out the purging and filtrating in a plurality of sections. Save time during commissioning by the use of an additional unit.

Short-term contracts

Cover order peaks by an additional power unit and find a remedy if you can not continue to increase the cycle times of your plant.

Implementing, pressure test, function test

The use of other units helps to commission parts of the plant. In addition, function groups of the plant even can be tested during installation for leaks and function.

Further benefits

  • Maximum availability by renting a power unit in different use cases
  • Flexibility in production by using rental power units in case of high order income
  • Ease in doing business due to fixed prices
  • All power units include an oil sump and power electronics
  • Cleaning and check inclusive
  • Documentation and implementation records
  • Bringing and fetching service including erecting and dismantling according to agreement