Preventive Maintenance by Bosch Rexroth

Preventive Maintenance – Detecting wear before it leads to failure

Rexroth Service offers a wide range of services for identifying the extent to which components, modules and fluids are worn.

Custom-tailored analyses provide information about their current state and the action which needs to be taken. The main advantage is that components are replaced when they need it, instead of on the basis of predefined parameters such as running time regardless of their condition.

In many cases they are still in good condition. On the other hand, under harsh operating conditions it is possible for wear to develop before the theoretically recommended time for replacement is even reached. The result is often a costly system shutdown.


Fluid Management

Fitness Check

Oil Analysis

Oil measurement technology

Oil Treatment

Rental Equipment

Further benefits

  • Reduced maintenance costs due to the adjustment to requirements
  • Maximum system uptime with a high level of cost effectiveness at the same time due to machine condition monitoring and the introduction of appropriate measures in response
  • Improved energy efficiency and machine safety