Fitness Check by Bosch Rexroth

For safer processes and improved productivity

Through reduction of interfaces, the optimization of processes and the bundling of services, you can reduce the costs of maintenance, logistics, planning and production.

One-off or regular plant fitness checks can be carried out by local Rexroth service specialists on request. They check and analyze the condition of all the drive and control components to provide the basis for information pointing to the maintenance requirements. For hydraulic plants Rexroth also carries out the examinations for leaks on the accumulators and the hydraulic system as required at certain intervals.

Our services

  • Accumulator check and the accumulator filling (Nitrogen)
  • Verification of safety-related components (Hydraulic)
  • Delivery of the final report including the measurement reports and a recommendation for action

Further benefits

  • Complete check of your hydraulic and electrical components and systems, to run safety in accordance with applicable guidelines and regulations
  • Optimized processes and productivity
  • Sources of interference and defects localized beforehand
  • Reduced downtime of your production
  • Customized course of action for a correct functioning of your hydraulic and electric components