Fitness Check for Hägglunds Drives by Bosch Rexroth

Reducing risks, maximizing availability

You are the owner of a Hägglunds drive system? Then Bosch Rexroth offers you a heavily discounted Fitness Check regardless of type or age of your system. We perform the Fitness Check providing you transparency by a professional risk analysis. Gathering your installed base we are able to offer you customized services from one single source.

We offer Fitness Checks to you enabling you to understand the current and optimum running conditions of your Hägglunds drive system from Rexroth.

Our services

  • Fitness Check of the complete Hägglunds system
  • A System/Application Health Report
  • List of essential and necessary maintenance measures
  • Identification of risks and remedial actions
  • If needed free Oil Analysis *
  • If needed free Fibre Optic Inspection *

Further benefits

  • Transparent overview of current system status
  • Maximum system uptime and productivity advice
  • Lower running and operational costs advice
  • Access to the Rexroth OEM Hägglunds expertise

*Depending on system type and requirement