Embedded control XM – The platform for pioneering automation

Easy configuration, high-performance data processing

The embedded control XM is available for a variety of motion-logic applications. Local connection of the modules of the new
IP20 I/O system S20 expands the control system flexibly for high-performance process linkage. Decentralized I/O, drives and additional system machinery are connected via Sercos as standard. Additional Ethernet protocols through optional extension modules extend the possibilities of integration. The service-friendly and robust design reduces the maintenance and allows the use in many different applications.

In the upper performance range, the XM enables the greatest increase in efficiency and machine optimization.

Embedded control XM

Flexible integration through high connectivity


Modular I/O expansion central and decentral


One control platform for all systems

Whether for simple PLC applications for simple signal management or for complex multi-axis electrical or hydraulic motion and CNC applications - the XM embedded controller is perfectly suited for all factory automation applications.

  • based on state-of-the-art chip technology
  • Scaled hardware and firmware
  • Simple device handling and maintenance via FirstTouch web server

Rough conditions

Robust design for extreme conditions

The embedded control XM with robust enclosure design is suitable for an extended temperature range. It is significantly more resistant to mechanical stresses and can withstand vibration loads up to 5 g and shocks up to 30 g.

The embedded control XM22 is currently the most high-performance variant and is certified for use in marine applications and in areas at risk from explosion.


  • Standard operating temperature range -25 to +60 °C
  • Robust and shock resistant electromechanics up to 30 g
  • EMC radiation according to EN61000-6-2 Class A - Industrial applications

Certified control solutions for marine applications

Certified control components

- XM2201

- XFE01.1-FB-20 (2x CAN Master)

- XFE01.1-FB-03 (PROFINET RT & EtherNet/IP Master)


Certified I/O modules

- S20-S3-BK+

- S20-AI-8

- S20-AO-8

- S20-DI-16/4

- S20-DO-16/3

- S20-AI-8-RTD

- S20 RS-UNI

- S20-CNT/INC 2/2

- S20-AI6-AO2-SSI2



ABS American Bureau of Shipping

BSH Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie

BV Bureau Veritas

DNV Det Norske Veritas

LR Lloyd's Register

RINA Registro Italiano Navate


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