IndraDrive Mi - Benefits of cabinet-free automation

Thanks to the simple system design, IndraDrive Mi contributes to cost reduction not only in terms of the components, but also with regard to installation effort. There is less wiring to contend with, reduced control cabinet sizes and lower cooling requirements. Rexroth thinks along with you – and, in terms of extendibility, also a good deal ahead.

How is this possible? The underlying concept of IndraDrive Mi is the fusion of drive electronics and motor technology to form an integral unit.

The top priority has also been specified in terms of power supply and control components: 100 percent cabinet-free - insofar as possible - and as little wiring as possible. To accomplish this, the components of the control cabinet were integrated into the IP65 modules.

Cabinet space

Control cabinet up to 100 percent savings

In combination with the Ethernet-based communication and the integrated Motion-Logic, machinery manufacturers receive a complete automation system - with the most extensive, certified safety functions. For example, Rexroth is the only company that consistently exploits all opportunities for decentralized drive technology with up to 100 percent cabinet-free machinery construction.

Wiring effort

Reduce wiring by 90 percent

With the intelligent drive system IndraDrive Mi, machinery manufacturers today can relocate their complete drive technology- including mains connectivity - from the control cabinet directly into their machines. This saves space, reduces cabling requirements up to 90 percent, and optimizes the energy balance for the machine operator.

Air conditioning

Up to 100 percent less energy consumption for control cabinet cooling

The cost efficiency and sustainability of the IndraDrive Mi system lies not only in its flexibility and intelligence but also very practically in the reduction of cooling requirements by up to 100 percent.