Design of ergonomic work stations made easy

The ManModel function in MTpro makes designing of ergonomic work stations easier through simulation. With its “ManModels” the planning software can adapt designs for individual workers – with the perfect reach zone, the right distance to equipment, and the ideal angle of vision.

The planning and design software offers female and male models in short, medium and tall sizes. Designers can completely configure them in the seated, standing or walking positions and individually adjust the body joint angles. Moreover several fields of view and reach zones can be simulated.

The MTpro ManModel is included in the MTpro CAD library and can also be used in the Layout Designer tool. The Layout Designer’s intuitive operating concept enables the user to create even complex designs and equipment layouts within a short period of time. In addition to the already described functions, in Layout Designer the user can:

  • place ManModel automatically on work chairs
  • see the work place out of the worker’s perspective
  • export the complete 3D scene including ManModel to CAD