LTI Motion: Lean production with manual production systems from Bosch Rexroth

Increased Productivity at Shorter Cycle Times

Today, any company that wants to sustainably remain competitive opts for efficient and lean production strategies and draws a clear line between the creation of value and logistics. LTI Motion, a specialist for sophisticated drive and automation solutions, utilizes manual production systems, tubular framing systems, and aluminum framing technologies from Bosch Rexroth for this purpose – which helps to significantly reduce cycle times in the manufacturing of high-speed drives.

LTI Motion, with headquarters in Lahnau, Germany, has been a well-established supplier of high-frequency drives, magnetic bearing technologies, and a developer of motors and sensors since many years. In mid-2014, the subsidiary of the international technology group Körber has begun to apply lean standards to the production of high-speed drives, using manual production systems with the EcoShape tubular framing system and aluminum profiles from Bosch Rexroth. The setup of the manufacturing line was adjusted during operation within the short time frame of six weeks. When the manufacturing line had to be transferred to another factory building, the enormous flexibility of the Rexroth solution became apparent: The small and handy lean production units could be moved and reassembled much quicker and easier than conventional systems.

Highly efficient and perfectly adapted

In the new manufacturing environment, LTI Motion takes advantage of the entire range of Bosch Rexroth manual production systems – from workstations to shuttle units, racks, and roller conveyors for the perfect material flow and linking. The well-conceived layout of machines and tools facilitates the optimal workflow. The consistently demand-driven supply of needed materials helps to reduce stocks, costs and space requirements. The EcoShape tubular framing system and our kit of matching aluminum profiles not only enable the user-friendly design of the manufacturing line – EcoShape elements are also compliant with ESD requirements and can be used in the manufacturing of permanent magnets.

Tough application

Lean and strictly demand-driven manufacturing line for the production of high-speed drives

Ingenious solution

User-friendly design of the manufacturing environment, with perfectly adapted modules from our construction kit


“Rexroth’s manual production system has enabled us to realize the flexible design of our workstations and to easily adapt them to future market requirements.”

Matthias Neeb, LTI Motion

Solved with

  • Rexroth manual production system (MPS)
  • Rexroth EcoShape tubular framing system
  • Rexroth aluminum framing system