Berlinger Special AG: Better ergonomics with Rexroth assembly workplaces

Healthy employees are more productive

Products from Berlinger Special AG from Switzerland make sure that sports stay fair for everyone. Regular drug testing is meant to prevent all competitors from using any banned performance-enhancing substance. Berlinger manufactures tamper-proof packaging systems for drug test samples. These are manufactured at ergonomic, height-adjustable assembly workplaces from Rexroth.

Today, drug testing has a more important role to play in competitive sport than ever before. The Berlinger Special AG supplies international athletics associations and organizers of sporting events with professional equipment. The “Bereg-Kit,” for example, provides samples with a secure seal, which cannot be opened by unauthorized persons without leaving a visible trace. Berlinger manufactures four different bottle systems which can be adapted to individual requirements. Additionally, the manufacturer provides accessories for transport and laboratory work.

Flexible and ergonomic

With a newly designed assembly line, Berlinger has not only made manufacturing processes more flexible and efficient, it has also made working conditions healthier – since the health of employees also increases productivity over the long term. The system, which is based on height-adjustable components from the Rexroth modular system, can be easily adjusted to the ergonomic needs of the employees. The Rexroth VarioFlow S chain conveyor system ensures optimal material flow of the transport boxes between work stations arranged in an “assembly U”. The clear separation between material infeed and assembly ensures especially lean and efficient production.

Fast commissioning thanks to efficient project planning

The entire assembly line at Berlinger was put into operation in less than three months. To select and configure the components, planners used the project planning software MTpro from Rexroth. In MTpro Layout Designer, assemblies such as work tables or shelf systems are individually designed, adjusted to the body size of the employees using so-called ManModels and inserted with millimeter precision in the 3D layout of the virtual working environment. MTpro provides support not only with layout planning, but also generates ready-to-order parts lists with all necessary assemblies and elements.

Tough application

Design of a flexibly adjustable assembly line that optimally combines productivity, efficiency and ergonomics

Ingenious solution

  • Manually height-adjustable assembly workplaces
  • Optimal separation between material infeed and assembly
  • Fast and simple adjustment to changing requirements


“We were looking for a system that we can work with reliably and with high quality. The product lines from Bosch Rexroth work perfectly.”

Monika Egli, Berlinger Special AG

Solved with

  • Rexroth assembly technology modular system
  • Vario Flow S chain conveyor system
  • Planning software MTpro