Bosch Thermotechnology relies on ActiveCockpit

More transparency in the warehouse

Process and visualize production data from existing systems and various data sources in real time: This is why Bosch Thermotechnology in Wetzlar relies on ActiveCockpit, the interactive communication platform for warehouse logistics. It analyzes current key figures for logistics on site and makes the processes transparent.

Logistics personnel have to regularly monitor various key figures regarding output, capacity utilization and resource distribution to guarantee on-time deliveries. So that those in charge can keep track of picking and packaging, Bosch Thermotechnology and LGI Logistics Group International GmbH are introducing the interactive communication platform ActiveCockpit in the Local Distribution Center (LDC) in Wetzlar first. Bosch stocks devices and accessories from the Buderus brand in the LDC which, if ordered by 8 p.m. and can be delivered the next day. The customers are heating engineers who order between 3,000 and 6,000 parts a day. ActiveCockpit, which is usually used in production, can develop its full potential, even in this scenario.

Transparent, fast and efficient

Information used to be taken from the SAP EWM (Extended Warehousemanagement System) individually and with some effort. ActiveCockpit simplified the process: The software prepares the data provided by SAP EWM and a forecasting tool and displays up to four key figures in a four-color chart. The data on the current status of the goods issue process is updated every 15 minutes. This means that dispatchers and warehouse managers are always up to date. ActiveCockpit also gives an overview of the current resource usage and the expected workload in relation to the currently used resources. With this information, warehouse control always has an eye on possible bottlenecks and also overcapacities. Thanks to this transparency, staff are deployed in the most effective way. This saves time and optimized processes.


Transparent data editing andanalys is for a smooth goods receipt process in warehouse logistics for Bosch Thermotechnology.


Interactive communication platform ActiveCockpit


“The warehouse saves a lot of time with ActiveCockpit, and can be controlled faster and better.”

Michael Schatz, project manager at Bosch Thermotechnology

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