Unprecedented freedom with Open Core Engineering

Open Core Engineering combines the previously separate PLC and IT worlds into one comprehensive solution portfolio

– a portfolio comprising open standards, software tools, function packages and the Open Core Interface as an enabler for new freedom.This new, integrated approach combines traditional IEC engineering with the options now made available by high-level language programming.

The resulting enhanced access right into the core of the control also allows individual realtime control functions to be quickly and independently implemented.

Open Core Engineering

  • Engineering workflows are substantially simplified thanks to a standardized engineering framework that includes advanced software tools and comprehensive function packages such as templates and intelligent technology modules.
  • As a result, machine manufacturers and users can enjoy clear-cut benefits including lower cost, accelerated engineering and a high level of future-readiness across machine lifecycles.
  • With the Open Core Interface, Rexroth is providing a software interface that is unique: it permits enhanced access to the control core, offers numerous programming languages and allows the integration of smart devices into automation systems.
  • In addition, individual realtime control functions can be independently created. These features together create an unprecedented level of freedom within software engineering.

Discover the benefits of Open Core Engineering

  • Increased efficiency in software engineering
  • Unique flexibility in programming and device platform integration
  • Customer-oriented, individualized machine functions
  • Ongoing competitiveness thanks to future-proof open standards and technologies