Focusing on costs over the entire life cycle

Global partner throughout the life cycle

Rexroth has been a multi-technology system partner for over 50 years in the rail industry. Specialists that know the market, provide the best possible technical and economic solution. This process incorporates extensive experience in industrial applications, mobile equipment and automotive applications. Beginning with an encompassing system knowledge, this process links tried and true quality management with a secure long-term spare part suppyl management chain. Rexroth's electrical, hydraulic and electro-hydraulic components and system solutions demonstrate thes qualities daily, in thousands of rail vehicles, worldwide.

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Four key parameters

In addition to energy costs, four key parameters are crucial: RAMS

  • Reliability
  • Availability
  • Maintainability
  • Safety

Improved energy efficiency – reduced emissions

Minimizing electricity and fuel consumption is increasingly important. For instance, new limitations for exhaust emissions have come into force with Stage IIIB and TIER 4 Final, requiring fundamental changes in engine technology for diesel-powered vehicles.

A key player in this are cooling systems that deliver precise temperature regulation on demand. Demand-oriented cooling reduces fuel consumption of diesel engines, and consequently exhaust gas emissions. As a system partner for the entire cooling system assembly, Rexroth incorporates its engineering expertise into the rail vehicle and takes into consideration the overall system – including retrofitting new engines in older vehicles.

Partnerships which last for decades

Rail vehicles are operated over decades. Rexroth guarantees the supply of spare parts for just as long, and assists with the modernization of older vehicles by providing modern system solutions.

Availability for at least 30 years

Rexroth components for rail vehicles are derived from series production and are available for at least 30 years. Even after products are phased out, our tried and true obsolescence management system ensures that the right replacement parts are available. This means that you can rest assured that you will be able to maintain and repair your fleet of vehicles well into the future.

Modernization for a new lease on life

The basic design of the rail vehicle is often in such good condition that it is worthwhile installing a state-of-the-art replacement engine. We help operators to analyze their vehicles, and to identify their upgrade potential. Our specialists replace outdated components and modules with modern, more efficient versions. Operators achieve significant improvements in the performance of their vehicles in retur for a definable level of expenditure.

Rexroth brings older vehicles right up to date in technological terms by thoroughly modernizing them. We undertake the analysis, project planning, and implementation of the retrofit process. We plan the overhaul after providing detailed advice about which measuers are worthwhile. We then incorporate modern drive and control solutions and commission them. What is especially important is to look at the system as a whole. Consequently, even older vehicles are given a second lease on life with full, state-of-the-art performance capabilities.


  • Transparency due to the professional and comprehensive advice provided, including profitability calculations.
  • A responsible partner, starting from the analysis, through to the project planning and implementation.
  • Maximum vehicle availability combined with reduced operating costs.