Vibrodyne and appropriate real time control system

The most sophisticated civil structures, as long bridges and tall sky grab buildings, must be tested in order to find dangerous resonance frequencies. For doing so an high performance "energy injection system" is needed. A "high force“ and "wide frequency range" Vibrodyne is the perfect tool to carry out a precise resonances research. A typical application of Vibrodyne is for vibrational tests on buildings or structures (for instance long bridges and tall sky grab buildings) on site and in lab in order to find critical "resonance frequencies“, which could become danger to damage or even destroy the construction, and to evaluate the real stiffness of the part of the structure analyzed.


Bosch Rexroth developed and manufactured a family of Vibrodyne with various "forces and frequencies". Thanks to a "high force" and "wide frequency range" the Bosch Rexroth Vibrodyne is the perfect product to carry out a precise resonances research and stiffness evaluation.


The Vibrodyne is a product that brings straight in one direction sinusoidal vibrations with known frequency and amplitudes to a structure or part of it. This is mainly composed by a hydrodynamic actuator with on-board manifold, double symmetric rod with hydraulic bearings. Bosch Rexroth Vibrodyne is your solution for vibrational tests on buildings and structures in every construction phase, with easy software controls interface.

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