Hydrostatic flat bearing - Moving high load at “quasi Zero” friction

  • Almost "no friction" between pad and machined surface
  • Leak free. No leaks out of the HydroPad.
  • Integrated in the load applying cylinder
  • Measure and control system

Features and benefits:

  • Speed up to 2 m/sec
  • Can withstand up to 2000 ton of load
  • "Quasi null" zero friction sliding surface
  • Self aligning spherical bearing


  • Anti Seismic Device Testing
  • Testing of wind mill thrust bearing
  • Accurate / stick slip free movement of heavy equipment

Our overall supply package consists of :

• Dimensioning / Engineering of the HydroPad and related HPU

• Design & Engineering of the load carrying Hydraulic cylinder

• Design & production of the complete hydraulic system

• Design & production of the complete integrated control system

• Delivery, Testing & Commissioning on site

The HydroPad Module consists of :

HydroPad hydrostatic flat bearing including cylinders as pre-assembled unit

HydroPad HPU supplying special lubrication in a separate hydraulic circuit, independent from cylinder supply

HydroPad Remote Manifolds and I/O stations

HydroPad Controls monitor status of pads, ensure intended use of the pads in the specification window, provides pressure control, vacuum control, temperature control


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