Oil and Gas applications

Reliable operations day after day

In harsh environments and working with tough demands you need equipment that you know you can count on. Equipment that’ll help you optimize production and keep on working reliably day after day regardless of your location.

With Bosch Rexroth system solutions and components for the oil & gas industry you are all set to optimize performance and improve productivity. In our offering, you’ll find well-proven solutions with the latest technology, engineered to the toughest tolerances.

You can find our solutions throughout production from drilling to transportation:


Bosch Rexroth’s wide portfolio of rugged and reliable Hägglunds and Rexroth products and system solutions enables you to increase longevity and improve rig utilization for all important rig functions. We know all about providing the power to do the job efficiently while bringing great control to help optimize production and provide safe solutions for machinery and personnel.


The electro hydraulic downhole pump drive R7 from Bosch Rexroth provide you with an opportunity to improve efficiency and save energy.


Whether working in biting cold or intense heat, Bosch Rexroth control valves can handle the pressure.