Winch system

A winch system / windlass on board of a ship, simply used to wind up or wind out cables of wires, is essential in various areas of applications. Anchoring of ships or depositing of cargo on the bottom of the sea – the potential uses for winches in marine and offshore areas are extremely varied. Safety and reliability are always the highest priority when it comes to Rexroth's drive and control systems for winches.

Winch motors

Axial piston motors

Our axial piston units are the main components of a hydrostatic drive. They are available as pumps and motors, in both swashplate and bent-axis design, for the medium and high pressure range. Rexroth axial piston units offer great power density, high torque and optimum efficiency. High reliability paired with economic efficiency fulfils the most important criteria in favour of the use of hydrostatic drives. All motors are available with certificates from the most conventional classification societies.

Radial piston motors

Rexroth offers a wide selection of radial piston motors that are designed especially for heavy loads. They feature automatic overload protection and a high start-up efficiency with a low moment of inertia, which ensures fast response times.

The power density is five times higher than that of a conventional electric motor. The Viking motor was developed in particular for marine applications and winch drives. Torsion protection, free-wheeling function, low moment of inertia as well as low running noise are just a few of the benefits that make this motor so popular. Moreover, it can be mounted directly onto the winch drum, resulting in a very compact system.

Winch drives gears

The planetary gears MOBILEX GFT-W are suitable for the installation into winch drums of any kind of hoisting device. They are notably compact and equipped with an integrated multiple disk parking brake.

Winch brakes

Winch brakes - Saving Space through Motor Attachments

All brakes feature a high power density and provide the drive system with additional safety. Each brake is available in three different versions, depending on the direction of braking, clockwise, counter-clockwise and double acting.

Multi-disc parking brakes

Multi-disc parking brakes (MDA brakes) are available for the two compact motors CA and CB. They are wet-type brakes. Here, the individual chambers are filled with oil. The advantage is that the braking capacity is not affected by external oil leakage. In addition, the brake can also be used as a dynamic emergency brake.

Safety Hand Brake

For the Viking motor, we offer a special safety hand brake that is approved by DNV. This brake will continue to hold your load in the event of a fault in the drive system. Moreover, it is resistant to aging, utilised as a parking brake and can be mounted directly to the Viking motor (with the outer surface of the motor being used as a braking surface). This ensures you a very compact and low-priced winch design.

Winch control blocks

Winch control blocks

Our valves meet exacting requirements in terms of function, performance and design, and are suitable for operation under harsh conditions. Our TH7 pilot control device has proven itself in many applications on deck for many years. It simplifies work through a progressive, sensitive and precise control without play. For simple winch controls, valves are offered in seawater-protected variants. Control blocks that are designed especially for ship winches can be mounted directly to the motor. Read more about our winch control blocks on the following pages.

Winch Control - One Space-saving Block, Many Functions

We have extended our product range of winch control blocks. Our latest winch control block for ship winches is named ‘DSE’. As an alternative, we offer two further solutions for winch control: HICWB and YMWCB.

Winch power units

Winch Power Units

Rexroth offers matched ‘power packs’ to meet the requirements of any drive type in marine technology, and, like our components and systems, they are manufactured according to a uniform standard. This ensures low cost, long availability and high reliability. We deliver power units with certificates from all major classification societies. For yachts with special prerequisites, we can offer specific solutions that are tailored to the customer’s needs, such as whispering power units or power units made of stainless steel.

Heave compensated winches

Heave compensated systems, such as a launch and recovery system (LARS) is normally being used to place a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) overboard into the water and install it safely on the seabed. After its operations on the seafloor the ROV is recovered by the launch and recovery system; putting it safely aboard again.This system are being used throughout the entire marine and offshore industry. In both the active heave compensation systems and passive heave copmensation systems winches fulfill an essential role.