Electric drives and controls

The specially designed controls with dedicated software enables the operator to go through different phases of the procedures fully controlled. The integrated control system provides the operational capability to the system and continuously guards the system safety. To assure the safety and reliability of the integral system extensive redundancy features are included in the drive and the control technology.

Data retrievement

The control system is based on a master-slave principle and controls the correct interaction between the central computer and the modules. The provision of actual data of the drive & control system enable manual interventions by the operator. Apart from the functional control the operator control panel provides a Graphical User Interface, facilitating system monitoring and parameter adjustment.

Example: Cargo Pump Drive

The requirements:

Control concept for loading and unloading a bitumen and chemical tanker in an area at risk from explosion. Depending on the medium to be conveyed, the housing and storage temperatures of the cargo pump, together with the suction and delivery pressure of the pump, must be variable. As bitumen has to be kept permanently at a minimum temperature and circulated, a high level of availability is required.

The solution:

Visualization via touch panel with bus link to PLC. Inputting of sensor technology in the field via intrinsically safe circuits is followed by processing in the PLC. Monitoring and control of hydraulics, cooling and lubrication systems. Complete switching system designed for 300 KW in each case. In order to guarantee the required availability the complete system has been designed so as to be redundant


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