Modular wave generator

Modular wave generation

Bosch Rexroth developed a modular wave generator which has been designed for shallow water research where the model scale factor and the wave height requires a piston type wave generator. On top of that, the system is completely modular so it can be adapted easily to your required configuration

If you have any doubt whether this new wave generator could fit your test and research requirements, please contact us for advice.


The maximum wave height that can be generated is limited by water depth, wave steepness and maximum segment stroke. The Modular Wave Generator is designed for water depths up to 0.7 m (design depth) and the maximum segment stroke is 0.7 m. The resulting maximum wave height for the design depth is shown in Figure 1. The width of the segments is 0.5 m, allowing for wave generation with propagation angles up to 70 ° (depending on wave period).


The basis for generating accurate waves in the basin, is accurate segment motion. One of the features of the drive and control system applied in this new wave generator, is the high accuracy of the position controlled servo drive system. Another important factor that influences the accuracy of the segment position is the ratio between the stiffness of the overall construction and its mass. For better dynamic behaviour of the system, the stiffness should be high and the mass low. This was an important requirement for the new wave generator, resulting in an optimized design with respect to stiffness, construction material, and dynamic performance and ergo accurate waves in your basin.


The control system is equipped with a real time Linux-based wave generation software package. A graphical interface allows the user to:

  • Adjust the test setup (wave-file, test duration, segment gain factors, fade in / out time)
  • Start and stop the test
  • View system status and performance
  • Perform a frequency response analysis
  • Adjust system parameters.

The wave generator can be supplied with 1st or 2nd order wave computation software. With this software setpoint wave-files can be composed for both regular and irregular waves. It is also possible to load a user-defined setpoint wave-file.

For safe operation the software contains functionality to limit the maximum position, velocity and acceleration for each segment. When a setpoint violates one of the limits, it will be adjusted to remain within these limits.


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Main benefits

  • modular expandability
  • accurate wave generation
  • reliable operation