Your benefit using Rexroth in the Energy Technology Industry

The components implemented in power generation plants must operate reliably for a minimum of five years; unscheduled standstill or downtime is extremely expensive. At the same time, maximum power must be generated at the lowest possible operating costs while maintaining a high degree of flexibility and environment protection.

Decades of Industry Experience

What may sound simple in theory is far more complex in reality and can only be achieved as long as the latest integrated network solutions are implemented. The sophisticated plants, with their high operating temperatures and pressures as well as comprehensive safety systems (fortunately they don’t need to intervene very often), require custom-tailored systems. Rexroth has gained unique and market-specific application know-how throughout the years. Numerous innovations and certifications confirm this.

The result:

A very diverse portfolio of turn-key control and safety systems as well as global service, maintenance, and project planning service options. Leading power plant operators and turbine manufacturers from around the world have been using Rexroth technology for years and for good reason too, since the energy supply sector is absolutely essential to modern society.

Quality – A Hallmark of Bosch Rexroth

The search for high availability and low maintenance costs is directly linked to a long-term quality assurance program that is used in the manufacture of components and subsystems. By acquiring certification in accordance with standards such as ISO 14001:2004, BSOHSAS 18001:2007, and ISO 9001:2008, Rexroth has proved that being consistently dedicated to providing the best quality and meeting the most demanding requirements leads to long-term customer satisfaction. Well-known customers have confirmed our quality strategy with successful supplier certifications.

Bosch Energy Control and Bosch Safety Solutions in all Branches World Wide

Rexroth's global presence ensures that our customers around the world have access to technical know-how, spare parts, and development services at any time – a well-founded prerequisite for operating gas and steam turbine plants at a high level of availability. Bosch energy control and Bosch safety solutions complement our global service.

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