Services for Energy Cylinders by Bosch Rexroth

Energy cylinder system for gas and steam turbines

Rexroth offers an entire range of hydraulic functions for gas and steam turbines with a power range spanning 25 to 1,600 MW. This is also where our energy cylinders for controlling the inflow of media to gas and steam turbines is used. The energy cylinders have a closing velocity of 1.3 m/s and a locking force of up to 350 kN.

The most important customer requirements for gas and steam turbines encompass the safety, availability and useful life of the plants. Our service portfolio for energy cylinders allows you to operate generators safely and continuously, with almost no interruptions. Required inspections and maintenance can be carried out during scheduled downtime of the power plant to optimize availability.

Our services

  • Early localization of sources of interference and defects
  • Latest product modifications incorporated into repair work
  • 12 months warranty following an overhaul
  • Power data reset to OEM specifications
  • Planned downtime and costs thanks to defined standard overhaul procedure lasting 12 working days, with fixed pricing for services rendered
  • Reduced downtimes and maximum plant availability
  • Optimized process sequences and improved productivity