Hydraulic piping

Aboard dredgers, pipe works fulfil an essential role in ensuring stable operations. Considering the strict health, safety and environmental regulations, and the increasing economic pressure, a well functioning hydraulic installation is a must.

Improve up-time of the hydraulic system

Hydraulic pipe work aboard dredgers enables the constant release of oil to ensure that the system can cope with the increasing loads and higher work pressure. To maximise up-time and minimise downtime the quality and cleanliness of the hydraulic piping, together with the oil inside, are key.

Standardised hydraulic piping concepts

The Bosch Rexroth hydraulic piping concept for dredgers is based on careful material choices that help to maintain the quality of the lubrication. Due to our extensive experience in the dredge industry, most solutions have been standardised. This ensures the high quality of products and materials, and stimulates easy maintenance.


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