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Lock chambers and water saving basins conserving the environment

The principle of water saving basins, developed in Germany with the collaboration of Rexroth, is being applied in increasing numbers of large-scale projects.

  • Lock chambers are connected to the water saving basins by communicating pipes.
  • Ships are raised by Rexroth drives opening corresponding feed pipes
  • Water from the saving basins gravity filling the lock chambers
  • The water flows back into the basins once lock operation has finished

Despite considerably larger lock chambers, the saving technology reduces fresh water consumption by seven percent compared to the existing locks, thereby sustainable relieving the regional water balance.

In addition to the space-saving, compact design of hydraulic drives, electrohydraulics are also providing considerable saving potentials to system operators with regard to maintenance and repairs. Furthermore Navigation enables to operate waterways more efficiently with the latest technology.

Panama Canal

Engineering partner for large-scale projects

Modernization of the Panama Canal is a once-in-a-lifetime project. As the engineering partner for automation, Rexroth have taken on the project planning, design, coordination, installation, and startup.

We do this by bundling our resources as a global player. Specialists from different industries and technologies and from several continents are working closely together with their fellow experts on site. This means we relieve a considerable amount of strain from the client.