Bosch Rexroth provides complete system solutions for many types of chemical production equipment. A few of our most common applications can be found below.


Our direct-drive solutions have a low moment of inertia that gives your reactors built-in overload protection. The compact systems offer the best power-to-weight ratio available on the market, plus infinitely variable speed and an extraordinary degree of control.


With our unique drive solutions, your mixer’s motors can be operated independently but controlled from a single power unit. The motors themselves save space and weight, combining a wide speed and power range with the highest power-to-weight ratio available.

Dryers and evaporators

Our compact drive solutions can limit the maximum drive torque in your dryer or evaporator. This protects the drive shaft from damage and your machine from unnecessary downtime. With a single drive unit, you can power all of the motors that run your equipment.

Gear pumps

Your gear pumps have access to full torque throughout the speed range with our reliable, Ex-proof drive solutions. Because the drive speed can be infinitely adjusted, the flow from your gear pump is truly variable.